Friday, 19 March 2010

Thriller thriller

Friday, 12 March 2010

feedback evaluation

We agree to an extent with the comments we got from the other groups, e.g. we agree about the comment about the long road sign giving away the location of the film, and the lack of dialogue. Half of the groups liked our soundtrack, and the others didn't; this made it extremely difficult to come to a conclusion about our soundtrack, however we do think that we should change it anyway. We need to add sound to the chase scene.

We know we need to put in our ident, and credits, but our priority is the music.

feedback from S1 19

In the clip we watched, the storyline was made very clear and introduced the theme well. It made it obvious who was the protagonist and antagonist, and who we will follow throughout the film. The opened the clip with an effective establishing shot that set the scene and looked effective, creating tension form the beginning.
The line 'SHIT! he's dead!' temporarily killed the atmosphere that the opening shots had created. The transitions used throughout the scene were also quite random and didn't help create a tense atmosphere in the fast paced chase scene.

feedback from s1-20

The beginning is a bit confusing as it all happens a bit too quickly for the audience to grasp, and also the soundtrack doesn't really match the location or theme of the film. There was also no credits used so this defeats the point of the target of the project being film opening which includes the title and credits.
The bike chase is made less effective by the lack of music and randomness of the bikes just being there. Also, they should have used more engaging methods of camerawork during the intense chase scene such as handheld or a tracking shot. Furthermore, they bike straight past the Long Road sign so this gives away the location and ruins the effect/tension.
The establishing shot of the location at the beginning is very good, as this sets the scene for the rest of the opening.
There is also a clear protagonist/antagonist with the chased and one being chased as they want to catch him. Also, there isn't any dialogue.

feed back from s1 21 blad!

We found the introduction was very good as they used an establishing shot. The music was very well fitted at the beginning, although when the chase begin it should have became more intense and dramatic other than just stopping rather than making it look like leisurely bike ride adding intense music would totally change this. The push seen didn't flow that well however intentions were thought out with a good use of low angle shot making the attacker look very powerful.

Feedback of rough cut S1-22

We thought that there were a few elements which could be changed to give a much better film. For example, the opening sound track didn't match the location of the scene as it sounded like it was meant to be in a jungle. however, your camera work and shots were very successful.

We believe that the pushing of the victim isn't clear, throughout the opening it seems that the characters know each other, so the narrative isn't clear.

The narrative of the story was clear, however it lacked suspense therefore it didn't seem conventional. To improve this we think you should speed up the chase, so that it seems more like a thriller. furthermore it doesn't actually seem like and opening, just a short film

There are no credits, titles or ident therefore it didnt look like an opening. This could be resolved simply by adding titles.

roughcut evaluation S1-23

We looked at this groups rough cut and we thought that, overall, it was OK,. However, there was a very large lack of music especially during the bike chase scene which takes away some of the suspense of the chase. The music that was present though was effective in setting the scene at the very beginning. There was also no credits at all, which should really be necessary for a good grade.

The location was used effectively by having the college grounds being empty and silent. Furthermore the night element succeeded in creating a good sense of the thriller genre.

The camera shots could have been a bit more varied, as it was mostly long shots.

The clothing that was worn was fairly normal and there was no dressing up or costumes that were used, costumes could had been used to identify the antagonist and protagonist as it is a little confusing as to whether the person in the black is supposed to be good or bad, if he was the bad guy shouldnt he have been the person chasing the other?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Rough cut video

Monday, 1 March 2010

Evaluation Questions

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?
3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
4. Who would be the audience for your media product?
5. How did you attract/address your audience?
6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?
7. Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Target Audience

The age range for our target audience 15+

The film is more suited for a male audience because this is the gender which thrillers appeal to more. Also our cast is entirely Male due to the groups we were put in, so this also makes our film appeal to the male audience more.

The audiences interests in the film would be them wanting to see a deep plot, a crime or the solving of a crime. These are the things audiences expect to see in a thriller because it lets them see the extreme actions in life in the comfort of their seat.

Films which do this well are such things like:
  • James Bond
  • Batman
  • The shining
  • Alien
  • Jaws
These films make the audience exhilarated from viewing the movie due to the thriller conventions which makes these films on the edge of you seat. We hope to do the same in our film by following the examples of these and the thriller conventions.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Thriller analysis - State Of Play

The music and editing of this trailer creates tension by building up the soundtrack and action of the trailer to make it much more suspenseful at the end.

The beginning is dark and shows a murder then the editing skips the action to the aftermath of this murder. The murder has no music in it but afterwards the music starts and the music slowly becomes more dramatic and the editing is done to fit with this change in music. With the action and music becoming more exhilarating it creates tension to the audience and making them want to watch the film as its a thriller and that's what people watch thrillers for.

Thriller analysis - Collateral

The music and editing of this trailer creates tension in a variety of ways.

The trailer begins with calm music while the mise on scene is also calm as its setting the scene. When the Antagonist character appears in the trailer the music changes to be much more thriller like rather than the previous chilled music. The change in music represents to the audience that this new character in the trailer is the bad guy. Each new shot coincides with a change in tempo in the music making the thriller more interesting to watch. As the trailer goes on the tempo slowly gets faster and faster creating extra tension because the changing pace of tempo suggests that its building up to something.

These effects make the trailer interesting to watch and entices the audience to watch the whole film.

Blog of the week review

We think that the blog of the week won because it has a lot of description for all of the posts. The group understood everything that had to be done. They explained in detail, and have all posts on and in order. They also included plenty of pictures.

We think we could learn from theirs; be
cause we haven't been using as many pictures in our posts. But asides from that, we are pretty much on par with them.

Thriller posters

This thriller poster is clearly advertising the thriller genre by using dark colours and weird writing. The use of dark colours is showing the thriller genre were as if it was colourful it would not look so effect as the right genre. The fact of making a big section of the poster saying that it was made from the same director of the the ring and disturbed, which are both known for being respected horror films. The fact that no people are used in the poster but are blacked out just showing the body against a door.

This poster uses a blue colour, which goes against the typical conventions of using dark colours. The main character who is a big Hollywood actor has his name in the poster above the film title.
The poster has the characters set in the middle of the street which looks like new york. The street they are on looks abandoned with paper blowing around the the characters curled up in the middle of the poster. The poster shows the thriller genre through the fact that the characters are alone and the street behind them is blurred and twisted.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Call Sheet

we are going to film on Wednesday 9th and Wednesday the 30th of February.
Oli is going to pick the camera and tripod up and take it back.
we are going to film in the college grounds.we chose this because at the hours we are going to film it will be quiet which we think will be more is not a public so there will be no health and safety to be considered. Then we will be filming down a public road so health and safety will be considered so there will be no risk. At the set time that we agreed on there will be a minimum amount of cars and people. Then it will be shot around a car park, this required permission ,which we have so we there is no worries about the health and safety conditions.

We will be filming at night but the places we are filming have a lot of streetlights so no lite source is needed. The whole group who will be there during the filming. Andrew will be the antagonist and Matt we be the protagonist, who will be chasing Andrew. Through the filming everyone will have input into how the video is being shot Oli will be filming the shots with the input from Matt and Andrew. There is minimum script apart from a bit to show that we can use voices inside and outside, so there will be no need for a script to be learned.

During the filming we will use bikes during the chase scene and a old bike lock which will be broken. Oli will be in charge of getting the props as hes the only one able of getting the bikes to college and Matt will be bringing the bike lock.

during the first filming slot the part in college and the chase part is going to be filmed. With all the snow predicted we will have to change from filming the start and chase and move to filming the car park section due to it being dangerous to bike at high speeds on the snow and ice.

We will be using the following shots:
  • long Shot
  • Pan
  • Shot Reverse Shot
  • Reaction
  • Establishing
  • Medium
  • Low Angle
  • Hand Held
  • Track
  • Close Up
  • Birds Eye View


The garage band we produced was set for the chase scene or somewhere near the start of our thriller. Our track isn't necessarily thrilling, but it is definitely not cheerful.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Evaluation of feedback

We are quite happy with our comments; they are fair. In every feedback there are positive and negative comments. We will change the things which have been suggested. we have looked into getting permission for the filming. in the cineworld complex we are only filming around the area so no permission is needed to film. the car park is the only place were we need to ask to film and we were allowed to so there was no problem with that.

We have researched the shot locations during the time that we will film and there is a few cars, and pedestrians, we think this is better then having it quite as it adds a more realistic feel to the film.

S1 19 Feedback

Your finalised ideas are detailed enough wthout being too long and the shot types and described really well in each scene. However, to improve you could include more detail on the sound used in the opening scene.

Feedback S1 20

One problem which may occur during filming at cineworld is that there could be many distractions such as; lots of noise and too many cars.
Feedback from s1-21;
The ten second breakdown is well described, although including screen grabs of the location of Google maps may help the audience to visualize the cineworld complex. Shot types in your location are explored well. Difficulties you may come across would be permission to film in the complex as they is not legal. I believe it is a different idea to other peoples thriller openings, which comes across as a good thing because it explores ways of going about ideas. Editing the soundtrack so the heart beat mixes well will need time taking over it. Overall this group has good inspiration to aspire to and a good plan.


S1-22 Feedback

(11-20 seconds) - This gives a good brief detail and examples of what you are trying to do in this section of film. perhaps to reinforce your ideas, you could add screen grabs from 'Catch me if you can' opening credits.
You could also elaborate on what thriller conventions you are planning to use, such as camera movements, mise-en-scene and editing.

your idea of using a cartoon style could work really well and suit the audience you are targeting, typically cartoons are used in a younger audience film - however it has worked in the past with 'catch me if you can' and in James bond movies such as 'casino royal' but used silhouettes of real people to make it suit the older target audience and was very successful. you should do some research on these to understand what you are aiming and add some screen grabs to improve the quality of your film breakdown blog.

from S1-22

Feedback S1-23

At the beginning, the music playing behind the Ident will cause a conflict when it then switches to the film, it should remain the same genre as the rest of the film.

Add a few more details, and check what you've put in the blog, some minor typo mistakes.

We like the idea of the chase scenes on the bikes, it has the potential to create good tension that goes with the genre conventions. It would be improved if there was a fast paced soundtrack during this scene, it'll just add to the enjoyment of watching.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Filming times and Locations

We shall be filming our opening sequence on Wednesday the 10th of February 2010.

We intend to film all our shots on this date however if we don't then we shall finish filming the following Wednesday.

We shall be filming partly in Long road, Luard road and the Cineworld car park

Storyboards and Shot lists

The storyboards shall be useful when it comes to filming because we will remember the shots we need to film. These storyboards will also help us in editing in putting them in the right order. The storyboards contain mild shot info and a rough sketch of what we wish our sketch to look like.

Our shot lists will be useful because they contain a lot of information about each shot, including the type of camera angle that will be used, the location of each shot and the props which shall be used. It will be useful on the day because we will already know exactly what to do meaning we will spend less time discussing each shot therefore saving time.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Credits from Panic room + Six feet under

The panic room credits are very unusual because they put their titles in a city's landscape. This is a particularly effective use of titles because they are angled so their against the buildings and suit in with the landscape even though they are so bold and out of place. It represents the Thriller genre because of the thrilling music used. It creates an effect of suspense like something eventful and evil will happen in the film which represents to the thriller genre also.

The credits in 6 feet under are very unusual and effective because they are strange and mysterious hooking in the audience because they get appealed by the mystery of whats occurring. The music also represents this as its a mysterious unusual soundtrack you wouldn't usually hear. They represent death in a variety of ways to relate to the name of the programme and the genre. It shows a hospital gurney with a dead body on heading into a mysterious bright light suggesting that this person is going to heaven. It also shows a flower dying of lack of water but at a very high speed so it dies almost instantly. This all suggests the programme is a crime thriller about a series of murders.

Are credits will be a style similar to Panic room with the title of our film coming up as we have a long shot looking over the long road car park. We shall show the names of the director, actors etc whilst the film is playing in the very beginning of the clip. we shall use bold white writing which stands out and makes a point which will suit with our genre, crime thriller. Our soundtrack at the intro to our clip will coincide with our titles making a turn in the track when a title comes up on the screen.

Our credits could easily be as creative as the two clips above. This is because the two clips above have simply filmed appropriate mise-en-scene and used an effective soundtrack to create credits relating to the genre. We could easily do this as long as we choose thrilling mise-on-scene and an appropriate soundtrack.

film breakdown

0-10 seconds
the first ten seconds will consist of our ident so no dialogue, props or location will be used during the 10 seconds. music will be used but not a thriller type sound track, it will be a bit more cheerful

11-20 seconds
This will include the credits we are doing this in a cartoon style way. getting the inspiration from films like catch me if you can. the cartoon will use stick man as to simplify the credits so the audience concentrate on the music and the names appearing, the music will begin in these ten seconds and will be of the thriller conventions. the sequence will be using parts from the sequence so the audience can get a proper feel of what the film is going to include.

21-30 seconds
this is when the actual film opening begins. this will include setting the scene by using an establishing shot.this will also show two of the characters. hen a pan shot is used to show the characters on a balcony. there will be no music during this part or dialogue.

31-40 seconds
a shot reverse shot will be used from over the murders shoulder to show the victims fear and then switch to the victims over the shoulder. this is when the murder happens so blood and a knife will be used as props during the scene the dialogue will not be in this part as we wanted to keep the scene quite silent. the music would have died out before so none will be playing.

41-50 seconds
This is when the murder is seen and the murder drops the the weapon and jumps off the balcony. we will use a close up of the victim as they get stabbed and not show the actual stab. the other character will be introduced to the audience during this part. both characters will then grab a bike and chase down the road. The music will then start at the end of the 10 second to build the effect.

51-60 seconds
then both characters are in a chase down Luard lane. using shot reverse shot from the murderer using an over the shoulder shot and a point of view shot from the victims friend. during the chase there will be corner. The camera will be set up in the inside of the corner and do a pan shot of the characters going past. we will use several locations during these ten seconds. The music still runs through out the chase for the whole shots.

61-70 seconds
The murderer will be seen crossing the Cineworld complex. the murderer will then get of his bike and then start moving towards the car park. we will use a long shot of the character to follow them across the courtyard. the music will stop once the bike hits the floor because we will hear the characters breathing an footsteps inside the car park.

71-80 seconds
The brother then approaches the car park on the bike. while he is going towards the car park there's an over the shoulder from the brother of the murderer going into the car park. then a close up is used of the murderer as he enters the car park. During this scene the brother can be seen in the back ground.

81-90 seconds
This is when the camera uses a long shot from inside the list. This is a shot of the murderer running towards the lift then turns around. Then a over he shoulder shot is used to see the brother running towards the lift. This is when the footsteps will be heard as they run towards the props are needed through this part of the sequence.

91-100 seconds
This ten seconds includes a medium shot of the lift closing just as the brother gets close to the lift. Then a birds eye view shot is used from the top of the stairs of the brother running up the stairs. during this part of the sequence there will be silence just a heartbeat will be added during the editing.

101-110 seconds
A pan shot it used from the side view of the door showing the doors open. The camera then pans towards the door way showing the brother running through and standing in front of the lift. The only sound in this ten seconds will be of the lift coming up.

111-120 seconds
This ten seconds will be shot using a point of view shot from the brother of the lift. Then the lift doors start to open but the lift is empty. This will contain the title of the film in the lift.

Feedback from pitch

After Pitching our ideas to the rest of class we had a variety of feedback:

They said that we should watch out for cars and pedestrians in our locations as they were all quite busy, we should also consider whether to include other cars or try to exclude them from our film.

We were told we must seek permission if we wished to film in the cineworld car park, otherwise there would be a risk of us getting chucked out.

We were also advised to use a car park/certain level of a car park where there would be a lack of people there. As it is a busy car park the mood of the film would be a lot better if passing pedestrians were not seen or heard in our film.

Our Created Idents

After Researching company Idents we made are own Ident for to go in the beginning of our Thriller.

We just made an image because it was less time consuming so we could concentrate our efforts on other things, however if we have time after we finished editing we shall make it animated to make the film opening more professional.

We intend to make the finished Ident similar to the one of paramount pictures because this is one of the most recognised film Idents.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

why thriller thrives

The best thrillers tend to make the audience feel like there participating in a film rather than spectating. A good thriller will make the audience experience emotional disturbances for their enjoyment because they don't experience it first hand, this is called thrills. Viewers enjoy thrillers because they can enjoy the thrills in the safety and comfort of their chairs.

Horror films are different to Thrillers because they are more about extreme aversion rather than thrills. Horror films create an unnatural excitement and feature gore and un-emotional horror.

Thrillers are generally whole hearted and many believe this is why the thriller genre will live on while the horror genre will die.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Opening credits.

this a not a typical credit sequence as normally it is shot using real locations or people. but this film is different by using a cartoon style to use the credits. this style would take longer then normal as all shots would have to be drawn so it would take a couple of months. the use of music during the credits builds tension as it is an eerie type of music,using the same notes through out the credits just in different sounds making it simple yet effective as a thriller type soundtrack. when the writing is shown the words blend in the with the colour's and pictures already shown so nothing is out of place.

we were thinking of using this type of credit style within our video. As the clip is a two minute video the credits would have to been less then 30 seconds so this method would not take to long produce during our editing lessons. we were going to use a person on a bike going from one side to the other take the current screen behind them leading to another screen. this may take a while to make and not come out as planned so we have another idea of a credit sequence. we would take the wheel of a bike and spin it. Then take the video and edit on the credits on to the spokes of the wheel.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Mise-en scene

We carefully chose are mise-en scene so it would suit the crime thriller conventions and therefore make are movie more realistic

We chose to film the end of our opening sequence in the car park because its a dark suspenseful setting which suited are genre well. Empty car parks have been used in many other thriller films because when empty they create a lonely, dark and creepy atmosphere.

We have chosen to have part of our chase scene on Luard road rather than Long road because its a more subsided street which will be more empty and then again create a feeling of emptiness and therefore no help for the protagonist character.

We have decided to film in the dark because it matches the thriller conventions and makes the mise-en scene a great deal better.

Specific editing will be used to make the scenes flow better. Transitions such as fade in and fade out shall be used.

Camera angles shall include a lot of reactions shots and long shots to establish locations. We will attempt to use hand held camera angles whilst in the chase to make the scene more thrilling however this effect may not work because the camera may be too jumpy on the bikes creating a too disorientated picture.

antaganist and protaginist

This clip shows the protagonist is chasing the antagonist like in our film. the protagonist is trying to catch are antagonist for revenge for certain crimes they committed. the protagonist starts the chase at knight like our film. this is similar as they have the chase down streets. the character of the joker is represented to be the antagonist as he has the evil clown face paint this suggest a slight sense of him being mental. also that he is being chased by the police is a a clear example that he is a bad guy.

the batman is represented to be the protagonist as he is a clear enemy of the joker. this is represented by the joker wondering where he is. unlike most thrillers where the protagonist is where different colour clothes to the antagonist. however this changes that as the protagonist and antagonist are both wearing black sticks to the typical thriller conventions.

it has a lot of violence between the batman and other antagonist. most of the film is set in the dark which is a typical thriller conventions.the special effects used in this are used to create the antagonist and protagonist. like for batman it has him jumping from great heights and surviving also using explosions for the joker immediately realise hat he is the bad guy.

we will stick to the conventions of using several locations during the first few minutes. we will also stick to using a dark setting as it builds the suspense through not having proper vision of whats going on. the murder is going to be using full black clothes and the protagonist will be wearing normal clothes

Monday, 25 January 2010

Thriller Opening Sequence idea

Our thriller opening, will be a crime orientated film.

Our film shall be called The Story Of Lies

Our plan for the narrative, will be; Murder commited at long road, then Matt will chase Andrew to the bikes', Andrew then bikes of down Luard road, Matt pursues, then they race to Cineworld then Andrew runs to lift to get to the top of the multistory carpark, so Matt has to chase him on his bike.

Our opening sequence will introduce the crime, the victim and both the Protagonist and Antagonist charcters. The begining of the plot will be introduced but the reaction and the response to the crime would be dealt with later in the film so it will not be shown in our opening sequence.

The crime genre will be reinforced through our portrayal of the conventions; our suspense will be shown during the chase scene, as this will help the audience be drawn in to the opening sequence, this scene will also help us show most conventions of a crime-thriller.

Our ideas have been based around the '007' films, we have chosen the bond series because they are a prime example of a crime/action thriller, we have also included crime into our film to give it an extra theme.

Characters in the opening two minutes shall be, Oli shall be the victim and will be killed off in the first scene of the film. Andrew will be the murderer who runs away from the scene, and Matt will be the witness of the crime and shall be the one chasing the murderer.

We have a number of suggested locations, the first shall be at Long Road on the balcony outside the main hall. The next shall be the multistory car park in the cineworld complex. In between these 2 locations we will have the chase scene where the characters go from Long road to the multistory car park.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Companies Idents

We have used Paramount pictures as an example of a good company brand and logo.
They use distinctive music they play every time they play their advert so the public can instantly recognise the brand.
They also have an iconic feature in their advert which is the company name appearing above a mountain relating to the name para 'mount' name.

They have kept the same Idents for the duration of the company history making the Idents more recognisable to the public.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Thriller Garage band trial

Today we used garage band to try and come up with a sequence which came from the film identity. This was a test for us to see if we good get the right sort of music based on just images from the film opening. Part of the requirement was for it to link to the genre 'thriller' and its conventions.

Sound terminology:
Diegetic sound is when its clear to the audience where the sound is coming from. For example if the audience can see a t.v in a room.

Non-diegetic sound is when the audience can not see where the sounds are coming from. For example the soundtrack of the film.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Analysis of previous Long Road thriller openings

There is no dialog used so marks would have been lost

They frames there shots well so the action was at the center of the screen and very clear

They use a variety of shot distances so Long shots are used for setting the scene and establishing the characters whilst medium shots are used for when the action happens, however more close ups could have been used possibly to show reaction shots when the girl got stabbed.

The mise on scene could have been better, the scene would have been far better if it was filmed in the dark. The imagination of the group did not reflect in the mise on scene, resulting in it being bland.

The editing was used well creating a thriller feeling in the clip

Titles were placed and timed very well however the style of text used was too cartoony and not appropriate to the thriller genre

The soundtrack used was very appropriate to the thriller genre and this clip. This meant it fitted in well.

No shot transitions are used meaning marks are lost, the use of transitions would have made the film opening much better. By using a variation of shot transitions the different shots blend in together much better so the film opening runs much smoother with less error.

This film opening meets much of the thriller conventions. It is thrilling, full of suspense, has a plot, has intense music, features binary opposite characters with the girl and the man who murders her, has thought out violence and crime which is the death of the girl (which you don't see). The film has an obvious Antagonist character which is the man in the hoodie, and a Protagonist character which is the girl.

However the film lacks in certain thriller conventions: It is not exhilarating and has no reaction shots which are very important after such a crime. It also lacks darkness which would have made the clip exhilarating.

Top marks Criteria

To achieve the top grade for our Thriller film opening we must achieve 48/60 marks

To get these marks, in our film we must demonstrate excellence in:

  • Recording voices clearly, on location + interior setting
  • Holding a shot steady
  • Framing a shot
  • Using a variety of shot distances
  • Shooting material appropriately to the task set
  • Selecting appropriate mise on scene
  • Editing so the meaning is appropriate to the task set
  • Using titles appropriately
  • Using sound with images
  • Using varied shot transitions

past thriller openings

during the clip there is no dialogue so there would be a loss of marks for not showing they can recorded voices well. they can hold a steady shot as at the start there is a zoom in of the persons face as the camera stays at the same point on his face.

they have a variety of shots including a blend of long medium and close as it zooms on there face.they also use short tracking shots for a brief moment to set the scene for the characters places.

the shot locations and mise en scene are used effectively to set the films type as a thriller. they stick to the thriller conventions as they use a dark setting and camera effect through out the clip.
the use of transitions is used through most of the scene but not to much that it makes the film look over the top. at the start a transition is used to blur the corners of the shots to make the focus on the character.

a sound track is used during the clip as a thriller has intense music. this clip had the intense music running through the clip to add suspense. the music fits the clip as it fits in with the change between different shots.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Examples Of An Action Thriller

I am Legend is a good example of an action thriller, it follows all the conventions of an action thriller.

This film contains more general and less thought out violence than other sub genres. The fighting is between Will Smiths character and the zombie like creatures. When they do fight it's usually the zombies fighting in pure rage, compared to other thriller sub genres the fighting is much less thought out, e.g. in James Bond the fighting is more skilled as the characters are trained in combat.

There is an obvious Antagonist which is the zombies. They meet the criteria of an antagonistic: They live in the dark suggesting there evil, they want to kill the protagonist and there violent.

The film is a race against the clock meeting the general Action thriller conventions. Robert Neville (Will Smith) is trying to make an antidote to the disease which turned every other human into a zombie, he is in a race to make this before the zombies overthrow him and kill him.

The film is an obvious disturbance to general every day life. The disease turned every human into a zombie resulting in an almost alter world and a complete turnover in every day life for the character, the films events also differ from his general activities in this scenario as the audience are introduced to his daily activities at the beginning of the film before they change to make it more interesting for the audience.

The character is physically superior to the average person, this is highlighted in a scene where they show him working out, they also show this in the advert attracting a female audience.

There is a variety of locations used in the movie. The film is set in new york however there is rarely a location used more than once (apart from Will Smiths home) meeting the conventions of a n action thriller, it keeps the audience interested because they are constantly introduced to new surroundings.

Halfway through the film a female character is introduced and Will Smiths wife is used in flash back clips to help with the narrative.

crime thiller

a crime thriller has multiple conventions:
  1. suspense of successful or failed crimes
  2. features a wide variety of crimes like, robbery, murder, drugs
  3. can glorify the rise and fall of the criminal
  4. set in large ares with a lot of people yet it is well hidden and the film is an insight into the criminal mind.
  5. obvious set of binary opposites

The Film Public Enemies sticks to the typical conventions of a crime thriller as the whole point of the film is about a famous criminal and his life. the whole film is about bank robbing and murder.

it glorifies his life as he starts quite big and then starts doing bigger jobs and people start hearing of him as the film follows his life until the end where he dies. the film is full of suspense as the film is set from the prospective of the criminal as well as the police. during the film the main criminal is changing his locations a lot but the police are always on his back and during the film are catching up.

Conventions of an action thriller

Action thriller Conventions

  • Contains more violence than other sub genres
  • Obvious Antagonist
  • Race against the clock scenario, usually a disturbance to every day life, requires protagonist to use action to solve it.
  • Characters are Physically superior
  • Many locations used
  • Characters of the opposite sex are usually the driving force of the narrative, however loyalty may swap

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


psychological conventions
  1. normally a drama/mystery film
  2. the main danger is mainly targeted at the mind
  3. it is normally 2 or more characters using mind games between the two or one main character in solitary losing there mind
  4. characters will have fear or a fetish with death
  5. characters discover there own purpose during the film
  6. the narrative is confusion over what is real and what is fake
Memento uses typical conventions of a thriller using a dark setting through the first scene. It starts with a murder which is a typical psychological.
The start is different to pretty much all films as the murder is in reverse which is confusing to the audience. the whole film is set out to prove that he is insane as he keeps taking photos of things and getting tattoos on his body to remember what happened yesterday as he has short term memory loss. the films sticks to typical conventions as the main character has an clear weakness as he can't remember what has happened.

the film is about the main character looking for the killer of his wife this is a thriller convention as it is a single murder with the main character trying to find what happened.the start is confusing for the audience as the start is what happens at the end,meaning the audience will know what the main character is going to kill someone but the start is not showing the victims face so the victim is not clear until the end

Vantage Point

Typically, a political thriller is a threat against a backdrop of a political power struggle, they try and exploit the danger which could effect that party. The plot is also designed to give political power to someone whilst the opponents try and prevent it. Two main types of people; the high appearance type, the ones who have smart dress which work in offices, these generally give orders to the lower type of people.

seven miseen scene

seven uses mise-en-scene to suggest different characteristics for the two different characters. Through the mise-en-scene you can tell that the two policeman are binary opposites. As Brad Pitt is the trendy cop with the leather jacket and chews gum. Not much is known about His character during the opening scene as only his appearance is seen for a brief moment.

However with Morgan freeman he is seen in his apartment. The apartment is clean and white which is a complete contrast to typical thriller of darkness. Also a chess board is in sight showing wisdom and is smart. his brown suit is a typical plain policeman's suit which the audience would expect to see. At the end of the scene he is seen to be alone in the room showing hes alone meaning he keeps the apartment clean and tidy but also means that the chessboard is a bit weird.


Sound Evaluation of 'Se7en'

Sound is an important part of the film Seven, because without it, it would be difficult to sense the mood.

When Morgan Freeman is shown in the establishing shot, there is a lot of noise in the background, which suggests that he a very busy person during the film, it gives the feeling that a lot will, and has gone on in his life. Also the sound is from the street, which is a busy environment to live in, adding to the effect.

Before he meets Brad Pitts character, he has a forceful conversation with another policeman, which was a debate. This shows us that he is very important, and that he has authority.

Monday, 11 January 2010

classic thriller

As the film starts it has a close up of a face. This is used to produce an intense moment as all that can be seen is the bottom of the face with the names over the top. This keeps it simple as its in black and white so all focus is on the names and the face.

intense music is used to build suspense through the start, its slow music with long and deep notes.. then as the action starts the music pace picks up meaning a action packed scene. This builds suspense as you know the characters are in a chase. the music then changes again to fit into a different situation.

the characters are in different colors then what we have come to expect. as in typical films it is the good characters are normally in white and bad guys in black. This is reversed in this film as the start it is the opposite of typical films. This is confusing to the audience as the start has no hints on who the good guy is. This scene creates a sense of the good guy being framed and trying to get away from the police. The start of the next scene starts with the cop on the roof, this shows us that he is the main character, the main character in the next few minutes has at least 70% of the screen time.


Vertigo - Classic Thriller

In 'Vertigo', John 'Scottie' Ferguson (James Stewart), develops a fear of heights when he witnesses a police officer fall to his death when he is trying to save him. This thriller is different from modern day thrillers because it isn't as fast paced as they are nowadays.

There are traits of a thriller when we see the chase across the roof, the person fleeing is the antagonist, as he is running away from the officer, the officer is seen as the good guy, these represent binary opposites. It is shown in a dull environment which shows the audience the nature of the film.

The death of the police officer is thought out quite cleverly, because it links with the rest of the film because that's when 'Scottie' develops his fear of heights. This represents the thriller genre well. It also makes the audience feel sympathy for the police officer, instead of going after the criminal and receiving the glory when he caught him; he went back for his colleague because he was good hearted.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Thriller Evaluation

We decided to evaluate Avatar as one of our Thriller evaluations

Diagetic sound is used in the trailer a soundtrack to show the audience how intense, action packed and exciting the movie is.
Non-Diagetic sound is also used why the soundtrack is playing so the audience can relate to the characters and the Avatars.

A lot of close ups are used in this thriller, they are used for different purposes; Close ups of the Avatars are used so the audience can fully see the great special effects used to create the avatars. Close ups of the humans are used to show their general angry faces so the audience can see they are in fact the bad guys. For both of these they are aso used for character reaction shots, a large majority being in vain and anger which represents the genre. Long shots are used so plenty of the special effect scenes of the alien world can be seen. This makes the audience appreciate the effects more.

Special effects:
These are used in these movie on a very larger scale. They are made in a way which makes makes the audience feel more suspense because the majority of the scenes are designed to be more compact so the audience cannot see what is round the corner, this fits with the thriller genre.

In the 'Extended HD Trailer' it is edited in a non-linear, montage sequence. which are used in trailers to create effect, it is generally the best way to get the audience interested in the film. The trailer sgives the main character more screen time

Preliminary task


For our clip we chose Batman The Dark Knight. during the clip there is a sound track creating the suspense. the music is not too load as talking and explosion's can still be heard. this way there is still the music running during the clip building the suspense but the audience doesn't need to try hard to here the talking and sound effects. the use a mixture of diagetic and non-diagetic sound to create a more intense clip for the audience to watch.

The special effects are a big part in this film for creating the thriller effect. This means that normal things of a car crashing turns into huge explosions where the characters are nearly killed creating the thriller genre as its scare as the hero may die. also having the guns are used to create a more intense action scene as people are being held up and at rick of dying. the fist fights are intense as they are well coordinated well with the characters being thrown through windows and other objects creating a more exciting film to watch.

This character is composed to be off mental problems. This is shown by the make-up off a clown which he has on his face for the whole film. the person playing the character creates traits for him for example licking his lips which is freaky as he keeps doing it. At 0:40 to 0:50 it is enforced as it is said that all he has is his pockets are knifes. at 0:55 seconds the joker is hanging out the car window like a dog while he is being arrested. this shows a more of a funny side to him showing he doesn't take things seriously even if they are.

Batman is shown by the title as obviously the Knight which is none to be heroic. so its clear that hes going to be the good from the film. however as its the Dark Knight its clear hes going to be a good guy who's slightly bad.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Our roles in the Preliminary task

In our preliminary task Andrew will be filming, Oli and Matt shall be the actors in our short film sequence.

It will start in a Chemistry classroom in C block and continue into the C block corridor.

We will use only one prop which shall be a pencil

Preliminary Task

We chose this film because it shows all the shots we will use in our preliminary task: establishing shot, close up shot, match on action, reaction shot, long shot and shot reverse shot.

Mr Bean is established at the beginning of the clip which shows the audience he is the main character. A close up is used on the man pretending to be a baby whilst he is stealing fruit. Match on action is used well when Mr Bean realizes the man is stealing. The reaction shot is cleverly used when Mr Bean realizes his teddy is missing, this created sympathy from the audience and triggered the action in the clip. A long shot is used in the car chase to show the audience the surroundings. And shot reverse shot is used earlier on from the car chase whilst Mr Bean is still in the supermarket, this is used well for Mr Bean having a confrontation with the man.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009